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Endura-Form is in the news, and is proud to share with you some of the featured articles.

In the News

College of New Caledonia gets a Greenhouse

PRINCE GEORGE – The Culinary Arts program at the College of New Caledonia has a new tool at the students’ disposal. Tucked away in the corner of the kitchens at CNC is an odd looking contraption. The mysterious piece of equipment is the latest in greenhouse technology on a small scale. But, lifting the lid, you see inside microgreens growing, alongside lettuce and other leafy greens. The Culinary Arts program is incorporating growing food as part of the program and the students are learning where their food actually comes from.

Recycled Endura-Form could revolutionize structures in the North

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Saving to the cost of New Plastic

Endura-Forms are great for commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural applications. It can be used indoor or outdoor to create heated driveways, roadways, platforms, decks, pads, walkways, runways, flooring for temporary or portable building, radiant heating, walls and marinas. The single form-factor Endura-Form panels can be used in a variety of layouts. They can be laid out as units or overlapped. They can be bolted together or not – they can even be assembled without tools.

CNC's new Greenhouse holds bright future for the North

The College of New Caledonia's Culinary Art's Program has purchased a portable Endura-Form greenhouse for students to use.
Ronald Christian, professor for the Culinary Art's Program, has already started growing four types of micro greens using Endura Form panels.

All the produce is

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Organic and free of chemicals