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Assembling Endura-Form Multi-Purpose Panels is straight-forward but requires some careful thought and preparation beforehand and you should examine the panels carefully before you start to get an understanding of how the interlock system works. All Endura-Form panels are identical. While Endura-Form panels can be assembled into a continuous interlocking surface of any size desired, these instructions show the proper assembly of a small deck – the principles apply to Endura-Form assemblies of any size. It is important to emphasis that the edges of any Endura-Form surface MUST be correctly aligned as shown in these instructions – failure to do so may result in serious damage to the panels as well as equipment and personnel. To do this correctly requires panels to be cut in a certain patterns so that when assembled, the edges are aligned correctly.

Please refer to the installation manual for more instructions.


Endura-Form panels are strong, durable, hard-wearing and easy to keep clean. They are simple and economical to install and looks great.