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Large Scale Heating Application


The unique interlocking nature of the Endura-Form panel makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Because the panels are designed to accommodate pipes and cables with-in their structure, they are ideal for radiant heat applications. Here we are demonstrating how the Endura-Form panel can be used to heat large volumes of water easily, while providing a structure to support and route the piping, protect the pipes and distribute heat efficiently.


The basic Endura-Form Wash Pit / Maintenance facility can easily be designed for any size you need! Accommodate expansion to include roofs, doors, power etc. Great not only for equipment washing but for all your maintenance facility requirements. The building can be easily transported, erected, dismantled, moved and re-erected with ease.

Endura-Form Walkway with Radiant Heat

Endura-Form panels are designed with channels to allow piping for radiant heating (and cables and wiring). This allows for constant heating of the surface, automatically keeping them clear of snow and ice for maximum safety in public areas and work places. Sections can be used individually or in groups as is required.