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Aviation Applications

Endura-Form is the perfect solution for Runways - temporary or permanent, Taxiways and Parking Aprons as well.

Endura-Form Advantages

Endura-Form panels are easy to transport and assemble. They are extremely strong and durable, but also environment friendly that is 100% recyclable. Continuous interlocking sections of Endura-Form panels can be as large or as small as required. Endura-Form can help prevent runway soil erosion & rutting reduce runway maintenance.

Prevent Runway Soil Erosion

During the takeoff roll of a B-737 on a gravel runway up to 3 cubic meters of fines can be displaced. This will cause a gravel runway to be eroded in a very short time unless it is maintained which can be very expensive. During heavy rains runways can start to rut – any rutting greater than 1/2 “ is unacceptable and will shut down a runway until it’s been repaired. Rutting greater than 1/2 ” will begin to affect aircraft takeoff acceleration and performance and can have very serious effects in the event of engine failure during takeoff


Radiant Heating Capabilities

Radiant heating

ENDURA-FORM is an interlocking single form factor panel that can be used in all sorts of applications. ENDURA-FORM panels are extremely strong and durable and have the unique capability to be easily fitted with heating lines for radiant heat applications. They will provide maximum performance in the most extreme conditions.

Endura-Form panels have the unique feature of being easily fitted with heating lines to provide heat, ground de-icing and to prevent snow buildup.

  • Panel Size: 32” x 48” (4” thick when interlocked) 
  • Panel Weight: 32 lbs ea. 
  • Panels are interlocking and can be overlapped. Machinable with standard tools.

Snow and Ice Control for Airport Passenger Boarding Bridges

Endura-Form panels can provide a super strong deck that can be easily equipped with radiant heat piping to keep the passenger boarding bridge paths clear in the toughest weather. Endura-Form’s individual interlocking panels sandwich and protect the heating pipes while diffusing heat evenly. For best performance, heating pipes can be spaced at 8” intervals. Drainage through and around the panels can be provided if necessary.

End view diagram of the interlocking panels showing 8” heat pipe spacing. The red arrows indicate radiant heat.


In Ground Installation

Endura-Form deicing deck installed flush to apron surface. As the deicing fluid runs along the deck, it drains through the panels and runs along beneath the panel deck to a sump where the fluid collects and is pumped away. These design concepts are still under development and we value your input and ideas.

Above Ground Installation

Endura-Form deicing deck installed on top of the apron surface. Suitably sloped ramps must be provided for access.

Radiant Heat Installation

To ensure the best of all-weather service and eliminate ice and snow build up on the deck, radiant heat piping can easily be installed.

The Puvinirtuq Airport Project

Recently, Endura-Form travelled to the Inuit community of Puvirnituq on the eastern shore of Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec to build a refuelling apron for the local airport and test our panels under the toughest conditions.