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Endura-Form multi purpose construction panels are great for residential use. For decks, floors, drives, walkways and more. Easy to install and disassemble, portable, flexible layouts great for temporary or permanent uses.The panels are made to allow running heating pipes and wires to provide an easy way to install radiant heat indoors or out. Endura-Form has tons of applications around the home Endura-Form has tons of applications around the home.


Endura-Form Multi-Purpose Construction Panels are ideal for landscape and walkway applications. Endura-Form is strong, durable and weather-resistant. The panels are easily assembled and dissembled, allowing changes to be made and the panels can easily be taken up and moved elsewhere for re-use! An easy and economical way to build decks, pads and walkways of all sizes and lengths. Interlocked installations are not as susceptible to cracking as concrete but is just as strong. Endura-Form is also great for portable decks and platforms for trade shows and equipment. Endura-Form has the great option for carrying radiant heating lines where ice and snow are a problem.