Residential Applications

Endura-Form multi purpose construction panels are great for residential use. For decks, floors, drives, walkways and more. Easy to install and disassemble, portable, flexible layouts great for temporary or permanent uses.The panels are made to allow running heating pipes and wires to provide an easy way to install radiant heat indoors or out. Endura-Form has tons of applications around the home Endura-Form has tons of applications around the home.

Each Endura Form panel has 180 drain holes, as well as ribs to direct the flow to drain holes. This allows the free drainage of water. Drain holes can be fitted with screens to prevent plugging.

Before using Endura-Form Multi-Purpose Construction Panels, Users are required to read and understand the instructions on proper installation of the panels. Failure to do so will void the warranty. For warranty information please our support page.