Commercial Applications

Endura-Form Multi Purpose Construction Panels are ideal for a wide array of commercial and industrial uses. Great for construction sites, yards, factory and workshops and aviation. They’re also ideal for roadways, floors, pads, platforms and walkways. Easy to install and disassemble and they’re portable. They can be used multitude of different layouts – great for temporary or permanent structures. Endura-Form panels are made to allow structural or heating pipes and wires to be run through them provide extra strong installations as well as an easy way to provide radiant heat indoors or out. Here is a list of some of Endura-Form’s many applications:

  • Temporary or permanent roadways
  • Vertical retaining wall(s)
  • Heated flooring/walkways
  • Heated flooring
  • Runways – temporary or permanent
  • Taxiways, Parking and Refuelling Aprons
  • Helicopter Pads
  • De-icing Decks
  • Equipment Pads
  • Hanger Floors
  • Aviation wash pit
  • Hazardous materials spill containment system


Endura-Form panels make great temporary or permanent roadways.

Airport Passenger Boarding Bridge

Endura-Form panels can provide a super strong deck that can be easily equipped with radiant heat piping to keep the passenger boarding bridge paths clear in the toughest weather. Endura-Form’s individual interlocking panels sandwich and protect the heating pipes while diffusing heat evenly. For best performance, heating pipes can be spaced at 8″ intervals. Drainage through and around the panels can be provided if necessary.

Radiant Heat Capablities

Endura-Form panels have the unique feature of being easily fitted with heating lines to provide heat, ground de-icing and to prevent snow build-up.


Endura-Form Multi Purpose construction panels have a myriad of uses around the farm and greenhouse. For platforms, decks, floors, drives, walkways and more. Easy to install and dis-assemble, portable, flexible layouts – great for temporary or permanent uses.